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I adore all flowers, but there are some flowers that are known more their ability supporting character in a bouquet rather than the leading character.  Hyacinth is definitely a flower that has an incredible look with a lovely fragrance for that bride who wants something a bit different.  These flowers are more contemporary in their appearance and are more whispered about than talked about.

Here is an example of a hyacinth.  Photo Courtesy of MeetaK Photography.

Pink Hyacinth Example - MeetaK Photography


Hyacinth come in a wide array of colors from purple to white.  The colors in between are yellow, pink, periwinkle blue and purple.  You may have heard of “Muscari”.  Muscari is a type of hyacinth that had blub like shaped florals and is usually grape in color.

Here is ane example of some muscari bouquets.  Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings.

hyacinth_spr97_m - Martha Stewart Weddings


I adore this white bouquet with the bling attached. Photo Courtesy of  Butterfly Philosophy Floral Design.

white hyacinth - Butterfly philosophy

Lovin’ this bouquet of David Austen Roses with Hyacinth tucked beautifully in between.  Photo Courtesy of Carolina Photosmith.

Love this simple purple hyacinth bouquet!  Photo Courtesy of Pearsons Florist.

Pearsons Florist - hyacinth bouquet

Simply Gorgeous Bouquet!  This bouquet includes tulips, roses, and two colors of hyacinths.  Photo Courtesy of Bouquet-Bouquet.com.

Bouquet Bouquet - white and pink

And I couldn’t have a post about hyacinth with out including the incredibly elegant bouquet of Princess Catherine.  Her bouquet was made of many different flowers from lily valley to white hyacinths.  Her bouquet’s flowers represents how mixing flowers with different shapes and textures in the same color can still look classic, personalized, and (of course) stylish.

Photo Courtesy of the Associated Press.

katemiddleton1 - bouquet - Associated Press


Have a great weekend!  And remember Happy Planning!

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